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One Life Series

Minimal White Edition

Minimal White Edition

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A must-have for all lifestyle bloggers

Give your photos a beautiful bohemian feel. In Lightroom, you can brighten and boost all those dreamy tones with just one click. The presets are perfect for everyday photos, lifestyle seasonal photography, winter photography, photos around the home, family and friends, selfies, architecture, fashion and so much more!

The Minimal White Edition includes:

- 10 presets for Lightroom® Mobile
- 10 presets for Lightroom® Desktop
- 1 Installation Guide (German)
- 1 Installation Guide (English)

The presets are suitable for you if you:

✔︎ want to give your photos a special look.
✔︎ want to save a lot of time when editing photos.
✔︎ Want to create color matching images.
✔︎ Want to take your Instagram profile to the next level.
✔︎ want to edit your pictures like a pro.


- Adobe® Lightroom (Desktop)
- Adobe® Lightroom (Mobile)


Please note that the results may vary for each photo depending on the exposure, background color, light source, etc. of the image. After applying the preset, some minor adjustments may be needed, such as exposure adjustments.


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