• German Foreign Office

    Here you can find information about possible security risks, natural disasters, health hazards or other events that could be important for your trip. You can also find visa requirements for different countries and much more.
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  • Borderless

    On Borderless, you can get updates and email alerts on travel restrictions, containment measures, and vaccination information around the globe. Just search for the country you want to travel to.
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  • DAAD

    The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is an organization dedicated to promoting academic exchange between Germany and other countries. The website offers a lot of information around the implementation of study and research stays abroad.
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  • TripAdvisor

    On TripAdvisor, you'll find thousands of reviews and recommendations for accommodations, restaurants, experiences, and flights. TripAdvisor also offers a wealth of travel information and inspiration to help you plan your trips.
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  • Wanderlog

    Wanderlog app is designed for vacation and road trips. Create, organize and map itineraries with this comprehensive trip planner. Just download the app for free and try it out right away.
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  • Budget Your Trip

    With "Budget Your Trip" you can calculate your expected travel costs for your holiday destination. On the website you will find a listing of typical and average travel costs for thousands of cities and hundreds of countries around the world.
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  • Booking.com

    On Booking you can book accommodations from all over the world. This includes hotels, apartments, bed & breakfasts, resorts, hostels and much more. Booking also offers various additional services such as breakfast, transfers or city tours.
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  • AirBnB

    On AirBnB, landlords can rent out their accommodations, such as apartments, houses or rooms, to travelers. The platform offers a wide range of accommodations in many different countries and cities and in different price categories.
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  • Couchsurfing

    With couchsurfing, as the name might suggest, you spend the night on a stranger's couch. This saves money and promotes cultural exchange between travelers and locals. The nights are usually free of charge.
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  • Hostelworld

    Hostelworld is especially popular with backpackers and other budget travelers, as the platform offers a wide range of cheap accommodation around the world. Download the mobile app and find hostels in your destination.
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  • Agoda

    Agora is, similar to Booking, a travel platform, which is very popular especially in the Asian region. The website allows you to book accommodation such as hotels, apartments and resorts from all over the world online. So far, only good experiences.
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  • HostelsClub

    On HostelsClub, hostels, youth hostels, budget hotels and private rooms can be compared and booked via the platform. The platform is available in many languages and focuses (like Hostelworld) on budget accommodation.
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  • Skyscanner

    On Skyscanner you can compare flights, hotels and rental cars quickly and easily. The platform searches different airlines, tour operators and other providers and shows you the available options and prices.
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  • Google Flights

    Similar to Skyscanner, Google Flights lets you compare and book flights quickly and easily. You can also track airfares over a period of time and be notified when prices change.
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  • Flug Idealo

    Flight Idealo is a travel search engine where you can search for flights, view available offers and book directly online. Flight Idealo also offers various additional services such as insurance or transfers.
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  • Uber

    Uber offers an alternative to traditional cab services and relies on a network of independent drivers who are mediated via the platform. The rides can be easily booked, tracked and paid for via the app.
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  • Lyft

    Lyft is mainly active in the USA, Canada and Australia and is basically the same as Uber. The app can be used to book and pay for rides in private vehicles or carpools.
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  • Grab

    Grab offers various ride service options such as GrabCar (a private vehicle), GrabShare (a carpool) and GrabBike (a ride on a motorcycle cab). The company is mainly active in Southeast Asia.
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  • Rome2Rio

    Rome2Rio helps you find the best travel routes, across different means of transportation. At the same time, the website provides information about distances and travel times, and informs you about alternative routes and transportation options.
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  • Maps.me

    Maps.me is one of my favorite apps and provides detailed maps of streets, buildings, landmarks, and other places users can visit while traveling. The app is free and available in multiple languages.
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  • Omio.com

    Omio lets you compare flights, trains, buses, and ride services like Uber. You can combine different means and providers of transport, book tickets online, earn miles for flights and train trips, and much more.
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  • GetYourGuide

    GetYourGuide offers a wide range of experiences and activities around the world. Users can choose from a variety of tours, excursions and attractions and get inspired by the reviews of other users. Booking online.
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  • Viator

    Viator is a platform where you can book experiences and activities during your trip. Here you can choose between tours, excursions, experiences and attractions from many cities and countries around the world.
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  • AirBnB Experiences

    AirBnB also offers a wide range of experiences and excursions. Many activities are provided by suppliers, offering the opportunity to experience new places and cultures in a more personal and in-depth way.
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